Procesador profesional DSP de audio digital V-360 Stage 3 en 6 salidas

Processador profissional DSP de áudio digital V-360 Stage 3 em 6 saídas

Item número.: V-360
Model: V-360
Type: DSP digital audio processor
Number of Channels: 3 input 6 output
Function: Crossover, EQ, delay, and limiter
Application: Concert, stage, KTV, Home Theatre
Warranty: 2 years

(3) analog line inputs/(2) AES digital inputs (shared connectors), (1) RTA mic input
Input Connectors
(3) female XLRs (2 selectable between analog/AES digital audio formats), (1) female XLR RTA mic input
Input Type
Electronically balanced/RF filtered
Input Impedance
> 30 kΩ, balanced line to line
Max Input Level (line inputs)
> +28 dBu, balanced, ≤1% THD
> 50 dB @ 1 kHz
RTA Mic Preamp Phantom Power
+48 VDC
(6) Line Outputs
Output Connectors
Male XLR
Output Type
Electronically balanced, RF filtered
Output Impedance
120 Ω, balanced line to line
Max Output Level
+22 dBu, balanced, ≤1% THD
Alignment Delay
Up to 1000 ms per output channel
A/D Converter
24-bit with dbx Type IV™ Conversion System
A/D Dynamic Range
117 dB A-weighted, 114 dB unweighted, 22 kHz BW
Type IV Dynamic Range
129 dB with transient material, A-weighted, 22 kHz BW; 126 dB with transient material, unweighted, 22 kHz BW; 121 dB typical with program material, A-weighted, 22 kHz BW
D/A Converter
D/A Dynamic Range
116 dB A-weighted, 113 dB unweighted, 22 kHz BW
Internal Processing Wordlength
32-bit floating point
Supported Sample Rates
48/96 kHz (32-192 kHz using sample rate conversion)
System Performance Dynamic Range
114 dB A-weighted; 110 dB unweighted
0.0025% typical at +4 dBu, 1 kHz, 0 dB input gain
Frequency Response
20 Hz – 20 kHz, +0 /- 0.5 dB
Interchannel Crosstalk
< -97 dB, -105 dB typical 20-20 kHz, +4 dBu, all channels measured
Analog input to output: 2.57 ms (48 kHz), 2.28 ms (96 kHz); Digital AES input to output: 2.31 (48 kHz), 2.15 ms (96 kHz)
Operating Voltage
100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption
18 W
Unit Weight
5.48 lbs. (2.49 kg)
Shipping Weight
7.10 lbs. (3.22 kg)
1.75” (H) x 8.0” (D) x 19” (W), 4.4cm (H) x 20.32cm (D) x 48.26cm (W)


Provide all necessary processing for optimizing and protecting the speaker system.
Excellent audio quality with high internal headroom and wide dynamic range.
Supports multi-channel, stereo, auxiliary bass speaker, and LCR system configurations
Integrated with high-quality 24 bit A/D and D/A converters to protect inputs.
Suitable for applications such as public broadcasting,chapels,clubs,tour venues and other professional event!
Advanced Feedback Suppression
31-Band Graphic EQ
12-Band Parametric EQ (with narrow notch capabilities)
Subharmonic Synthesis
Backline Delay
Noise Gate
Crossover (supports full range up to mono 6-way systems)
12-Band AutoEQs (8 AutoEQ bands, 4 User bands)
Automatic Gain Control
Subharmonic Synthesis
Noise Gate
Tower Delays (up to 1000ms per output)
8-Band Parametric EQs (used for speaker tunings)
Driver Alignment Delays



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