Sinbosen UHF-Funkkonferenzmikrofon S-800 1 für 8 professionelle Desktop-Handheld-Schwanenhalsmikrofone,Microfone de Conferência
Microfone de Conferência

Sinbosen UHF-Funkkonferenzmikrofon S-800 1 für 8 professionelle Desktop-Handheld-Schwanenhalsmikrofone

Item número.: S-800
Marca:: Sinbosen
Modelo: S800
Tipo de microfone: microfone de conferência sem fio UHF
Faixa de frequência: 615-655 MHz
Faixa de operação: 100m
Aplicação: Conferência, Reunião
Termos de pagamento: Western Union, MoneyGram, T / T, Payp
Product description

Sinbosen UHF wireless conference microphone S-800 1 for 8 professional desktop handheld gooseneck microphone
Wireless Microphone  S-800 Conference Microphone
Microphone Type: UHF Conference Wireless Microphone 
Transmitter: Gooseneck/Handheld/Headset/Lavalier Microphone
Frequency range: 615-655MHz
Feature: Perfect Sound
Operation range: 100m
Feature With Antennas, good signal
Function School/Stage Performance/Conference/Meeting/Host microphone

S-800 UHF Wireless Microphone

--The number of four channel groups: 8 zones, each zone has 100 frequency points, and the frequency points do not interfere with each other, so multiple machines can be used at the same time. --Using the latest type of high-frequency acoustic surface filters to maximize the filtering of out-of-band interference signals. --Using double frequency conversion high frequency circuit design, with extremely high sensitivity. --Voice compression and expansion circuit, greatly improve the signal to noise ratio, unique voice compressor design. --Has a lockable control function button, easy to operate. --Equipped with independent adjustment of electronic volume for each channel. --Transmitter lock mode to prevent incorrect shutdown.

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