A linha linha do sistema audio de Sinbosen KA208 PRO para o dobro linha disposição de 8 polegadas,Alto-falante passivo
Alto-falante passivo

A linha linha do sistema audio de Sinbosen KA208 PRO para o dobro linha disposição de 8 polegadas

Item número.: KA208

1 pcs 3 inch treble 75cores 170magnetism
2 pcs 8 inch bass  51cores 140magnetism
MF rated Power/ Peak 450W/8Ω 1600W/ Peak
HF rated Power/ Peak 100W/8Ω 400W/ Peak
   Frequency response   40Hz-20KHz
Sensitivity 101dB(1m/w)
Weight 27KG
Specification 70x38x25cm
Wood case 18mm plywood, Polyurea Painting
Subwoofer  Double 8 inch line array
Transport Package Strong Wooden Frame and Carton
Feature Support Strong Bass Sound
Activity Passive
Application    Commercial, Party, Stage, KTV, Professional Performance  

The appearance of KA208 2.0 is polyurea paint coating, which is environmentally friendly and anti-corrosion, suitable for outdoor use. The safe and high-quality rigging system and lightweight size make the suspension construction of the entire system very convenient and fast! The KA208 2.0 version has basically the same appearance as the 3.0 version. The main difference is the internal speakers. All the drivers of the KA208 2.0 version are ferrite. The 3.0 version of ka208 is all neodymium magnetic drivers. Ferrite magnetic field has good stability and is not easily interfered with by external magnetic fields, so it can effectively reduce noise and distortion in audio equipment. The price is cheaper than neodymium magnets, very high cost-effective!!

KA208 has a high sensitivity and is capable of producing a powerful sound output. When paired with the KA18 18-inch speaker, it can effectively enhance the system's lower bass limit. Additionally, with its wide frequency range of 40Hz-20KHz, this combination is suitable for most small and medium-sized event venues.



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