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The impact of the "Red Sea attack".

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: 2024-01-09 00:21:09
On December 16th, the world's largest shipping company, Mediterranean Shipping, and the third largest shipping company, France's Delta Air Lines, announced that they will suspend navigation through the Red Sea Strait. On Friday, December 15th, shipping giants Maersk and Herbert also confirmed that all navigation plans in the Red Sea and the Strait of Mandate had been suspended. As of December 18th Beijing time, four of the top five global shipping companies have announced the suspension of their operations in the region.

Since the outbreak of the new round of Palestinian Israeli conflict on October 7th, the Yemeni Hussai armed forces have repeatedly claimed to launch strikes on targets within Israel. The Hussai armed forces have used missiles and drones to repeatedly attack targets in the Red Sea region. Starting from mid November, the Hussai armed forces expanded their range of attacks on Israeli targets and began to strike ships related to Israel in the Red Sea. Multiple cargo ships were attacked in the Red Sea, the Strait of Mandate, and nearby waters.

The Suez Canal to the Red Sea is an international shipping artery that serves as a key gateway to Asia, Africa, and Europe. It is one of the busiest waterways in the world, and the Strait of Man is located at the southern end of the Red Sea, connecting the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. It is a necessary passage for ships to travel between the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean, and its strategic location is quite important.

The International Chamber of Shipping has warned that avoiding the Suez Canal and bypassing the Cape of Good Hope at the southwest end of Africa will increase navigation costs, increase shipping days, and correspondingly delay delivery times. Recently, there have been a series of attacks on commercial ships in the waters of the Red Sea. Several international shipping companies have announced the suspension of the Red Sea route for safety reasons and are now taking a detour around the southern tip of Africa. Data shows that freight rates from Asia to the Mediterranean and Northern Europe have skyrocketed, with some shipping companies announcing another increase in freight rates in mid-month.

As of the 3rd, hundreds of container ships have chosen to detour around the southern tip of Africa's Cape of Good Hope to avoid attacks, and the detour has increased by 7 to 20 days. According to the report, because the goods of IKEA, Wal-Mart, Amazon, and other companies had previously been transported through the Suez Canal, the bypass led to the delay of delivery of many products.

In addition to intensified geopolitical conflicts forcing ships to bypass the Suez Canal, severe drought has restricted the passage of the Panama Canal. If the conflict escalates and the shipping industry is further disrupted, the global supply chain will be further affected.

Impact on the delivery of goods and shipping costs for Sinbosen:
At present, it seems that if all routes from Asia to the Far East and the Mediterranean are diverted, it will bring about a capacity gap of about 30% and about 80% respectively to the European route and the ground route, and will bring additional fuel costs to the ground route. By bypassing the Cape of Good Hope, the voyage will increase by over 8000 nautical miles (approximately two weeks in time dimension); At that time, it will affect the efficiency of cargo transportation, and regional tensions will lead to an increase in war risk surcharges on related routes.

All routes passing through the Suez Canal will pass through the Red Sea. Currently, most of our containers on the US East Line will pass through Suez, and some shipping companies have changed their routes to bypass the Red Sea and turn to Wangjiao, which is expected to be delayed by about 7 days compared to the original route. The overall arrival time at the port is approximately 45 days. At the same time, bypassing the Cape of Good Hope will increase the operating costs of the shipping company, and it is expected that the freight rates will increase. Other shipping companies have not officially notified us yet, and we are also in the process of synchronously understanding. The affected channels include Meidong Relay/Savannah.
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