Por que os alto-falantes Sinbosen usam tinta de poliureia? Quais são as vantagens da tinta de poliureia?

Por que os alto-falantes Sinbosen usam tinta de poliureia? Quais são as vantagens da tinta de poliureia?

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: 2022-05-31 17:29:55
As we all know, speakers are high-end consumer goods. How can such a high-end product be without the protection and blessing of black technology. As a good partner for high-end speaker protection, polyurea coating has become a rising new pearl in the speaker's high-end protection industry. Sinbosen's K1, K2, K3, KA208 and other new speakers are also applied with polyurea paint!

The picture below is a detailed picture of Sinbosen's new line array speaker K1, you can clearly see the grainy polyurea paint!

Speakers are generally made of wood, and are very vulnerable to water vapor erosion and sharp objects, so waterproof and scratch resistance are the top priorities for their protection. If it is used outdoors, in a relatively harsh environment where the wind is blowing and the sun is exposed, the general coating will appear to fall off and chalk, which will not only damage the appearance of the speaker, but also directly corrode the speaker box, thereby affecting the life of the speaker.

The traditional coatings used on the surface of the speaker are alkyd and water-based. Alkyd paints contain organic solvents, which need to be batched and left to defoaming before use. The process is cumbersome and not conducive to health and environmental protection. Water-based paints include epoxy paint, polyurethane paint, acrylic paint, etc., which are green and environmentally friendly, but have low construction efficiency and slow curing process, which is not conducive to rapid assembly line painting, and requires a large space to dry and cure. In order to solve such problems, spray polyurea coatings that can be sprayed quickly by machine, cured instantly, and can be applied in thick layers have shown their technical advantages in improving production efficiency and reducing pollution.

Advantages of Polyurea Coatings for Speaker Protection                                                      
1. It has strong wear resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, scratch resistance and other functions

2. The polyurea coating specially formulated for the surface of the speaker, including the noble and elegant surface granulation, has a strong decorative effect, and the color is adjustable, which can be customized.
3. More flexible and rigid, the coating is dense, continuous and seamless, completely isolated from the infiltration of moisture and oxygen in the air, with unparalleled anti-corrosion and protective performance
4. Polyurea has various functions such as fatigue resistance, aging resistance, high temperature resistance, chemical resistance, etc. It can be used in various indoor and outdoor environments
5. The polyurea coating for speaker protection has a fast curing speed. It can be cured in 10 seconds, and the walking strength can be achieved in one hour, and the construction efficiency is high.
6. The thickness of polyurea spray can be set by itself, the construction can be completed at one time, and there will be no flow phenomenon
7. No VOC emissions, safe and environmentally friendly, can be widely used in various wooden speaker surfaces

Polyurea coating is suitable for the finishing and protection of large outdoor speakers and speakers with special surface effect requirements. At present, it has been successfully used in many outdoor large-scale performances, outdoor square music fountain systems, outdoor stadiums, parks, school playgrounds, sports fields, etc. large public places. Provide a higher standard for speaker protection.

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