Teste de amplificador de potência FP10000Q de longe para perto
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Teste de amplificador de potência FP10000Q de longe para perto

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: 2022-06-20 12:07:21
FP10000Q is one of Sinbosen's best-selling models, with stable sound quality, suitable for indoor and outdoor professional places!We usually call it "the all-purpose FP10000Q"

4 Channel Class TD Switching power amplifier
4 x 1350 Watts into 8 Ohms, 4 x 2100 Watts into 4 Ohms
Create SUPER sound quality,good for single 15/dual 15speaker
Bridge-mode operation for Touring Applications
High efficient cooling. Extended heatsink board to 95 mm
Temperature protection;Over current protection;Short circuit protection built-in

One of Sinbosen's customers enthusiastically shared his FP10000Q audition video!

From close to the sound source point to far away from the sound source point, we can still hear the clear and transparent sound of the FP10000Q.  Different kind of songs, FP10000Q can hold them firmly!
Of course, good sound quality is not only the function of power amplifier, any audio equipment or even wire is an important role in presenting perfect sound quality! We asked the customer which speaker model to use with our FP10000Q:
The client's original words:
“Each speaker has 2 b&c 15nw76 with 1 bms4599he and 4 ciare ct440”!
You can refer to this customer's speaker matching, or consider Sinbosen's FP10000Q standard configuration, which is matched with 4 KA210 line array speakers.

1pcs 3inch Treble:75cores 170magnetism
2pcs 10inch bass:75cores 200magnetism
MF rated Power/ Peak600W/6Ω 2400W/Peak
HF rated Power/ Peak150W/8Ω 600W/ Peak
Frequency response 55Hz-20KHz
Maximum sound pressure141dB
Wood case18mm plywood,galaxy black paint
Steel net:1.5mm Hexagon Hole
With hangings and bolts

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