Visita ao cliente da Sinbosen e teste de alto-falante!
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Visita ao cliente da Sinbosen e teste de alto-falante!

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: 2023-05-04 16:49:44
Customer visit in April, the customer came to the exhibition hall to test the sound of K2 and visit the speaker factory!

What does it mean to visit the factory?
Learn how an amplifier is made: Customers may want to visit a factory to learn more about the manufacturing process behind the amplifier or speaker they are interested in. This can help them better understand the quality and value of the product. This is especially attractive to those clients interested in engineering, technology or manufacturing.
Meet the people behind the product and build trust: Witnessing the manufacturing process firsthand can help customers feel more confident in the quality and safety of the products they buy. Customers can have the opportunity to meet with the person in charge. This can be a great way to connect with a brand and gain a deeper understanding of its values and mission.
Giving Feedback: Customers can visit the factory, give feedback to Sinbosen or ask questions about the product. For Sinbosen, this is an invaluable way of getting direct advice from customers and improving products and services based on that feedback.
Power amplifier/speaker...Product sound test: You can directly touch and feel the finished product on the spot, which is very important for audio equipment products!
Sinbosen welcomes all interested customers to visit the factory and audition!

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