A diferença entre os alto-falantes line array duplos de 12 polegadas SA212 e SN2010?
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A diferença entre os alto-falantes line array duplos de 12 polegadas SA212 e SN2010?

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: 2022-11-29 19:39:39

Both SN2012 and SA212 of Sinbosen are double 12-inch speakers. Some customers asked what is the difference between them?
SN2012 Dual 12 inch Line Array Dual 12 inch SA-212 Passive Line Array
Components:LF: 2 x12";HF: 2 x 3"
MF rated Power/ Peak:750W/6 Ω 2200W/Peak
HF rated Power/ Peak:150W/8Ω 600W/ Peak
Frequency response 40~20KHz
Maximum Peak SPL:133dB
Wood case,18mm plywood,galaxy black paint 
Steel net:1.5mm Hexagon Hole
With hangings and bolts
Net weight:63kg
Speaker size:90.5x50.5x35cm
Components:LF:2 x 12″;HF:3 x 1.75″
MF rated Power/ Peak:750W/6Ω 2500W/Peak
HF rated Power/ Peak:180W/8Ω 650W/ Peak
Impedance:LF 8 Ohms/HF 16 Ohms
Frequency Response(-5dB):60Hz~20kHz      
Sensitivity: 114dB(1m/w)
Maximum Peak SPL:142dB peak,@1m
Speaker Radiation Angle:90°×8°               
Connection:2 Speakon-socket                     
Net Weight:44 Kg
Carton size:L51*W51*H117.5cm

The picture below is SA212(LA-212) dual 12 inch Line Array Speaker.

These two speakers are Sinbosen's dual 12-inch speakers.Although they are not like the version 3.0 speakers K2, VT4888 and other dual 3.0 12-inch speakers have high-end drives, polyurea spray paint and more. But they definitely high performance-price ratio.

SN2012 is cheaper than SA212, more cost-effective, has crossover, and the cabinet is smaller than SA212.

Among these two models, SA212 does not have a frequency divider, which is relatively professional,  and you can set the adjustment parameters by yourself, so the effect is better! If you are a beginner, can choose SN2010. If you are a professional or an engineer, you can choose SA212.

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