Detalhes da interface da tela de toque do amplificador dsp?
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Detalhes da interface da tela de toque do amplificador dsp?

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: 2022-10-27 15:31:10
Touch screen power amplifier DSP10000Q, DSP12000Q, DSP180000Q, DSP20000Q, DSP22000Q added DSP module on the basis of class td power amplifier. On the basis of the original stable performance, coupled with its simple and convenient touch operation and PC software operation, it is loved by customers. The following introduces the characteristics and operation of the DSP module.

DSP Module Technical Features:
1. 4 single track input, 4 single track output, plus GPIO control.
2. 4 inch resistive touch screen.
3. 96KHz sampling frequency, 24bit A/D & D/A converter, 32 bit floating point DSP chip.
4. With professional PC software, real-time remote control by USB or RS485.
5. 4 channels input and output, output matrix model sets freely.
6. Output: Mute, 8 bands EQ, X-over, Input Source optional, Polarity,Delay, Limiter, Gain (Max Delay 1s; frequency point, slope size and slope form of X-Over adjustable; frequency point, gain and band width of EQ adjustable, with PEQ, Hi-Shelf and Lo-Shelf three optional models)


enlightenedMain Page
Connect and turn on the power, the main interface is the main page,pictured below:

After turning on the module, press“A”or“X-Over" on the screen,appearing the setting page of the corresponding channels, click your needed adjusting items, rotate the EDIT button to set the parameters, pictured below 

After turning on the module, press“Gain”or“Limiter”on the screen,appearing the setting page of the corresponding channels, click your needed adjusting items, rotate the EDIT button to set the parameters,pictured below:

20 groups saving data.

20 groups loading data.

Chinese/English Fast Switching.

②Panel Lock:
a, One Level Lock: Mute and Gain of output channel are Adjustable.
b, Two Level Lock: all doesn't work.
C, Password Reset: original password is“1111”,can set new password according to customers' need.

③Working Model
Stereo, Parallel, Bridge, Custom

④Screen Standby
1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, Never Off.

⑤Factory Reset


Take USB connecting for example, it supports 32 and 64 bit windows.Below is the software operating introduction of DSP-4400, 4 in 4 out board.
enlightenedOnline Setting ( take WIN7 for example )
PC software of DSP-4400 controls by connecting RS485 or USB.First, make sure connect to power, audio input output and USB cable, turn on the power and free drive software. Click the up right
icon of the interface  , connection dialog box appears,like picture 1, choose the corresponding connecting way, when icon turns red, connection is done, can start control. Attention: max COM connection is 9, more will not work or effect the product property.

enlightenedTop Menu:

Program: Load, Save, Import, Export.
System: Setting and Language.
Help: the edition information of software and hardware.

enlightenedFunctional Architecture Interface of Software:

Product's function:
Input 1-4: Gain/Polarity, Delay, PEQ, Pass, Limiter, the sub menu of every parameter can be adjusted independently.

More questions and details about the DSP Module can contact us directly !

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