A ordem da conexão do equipamento do sistema de áudio?

A ordem da conexão do equipamento do sistema de áudio?

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: 2022-10-01 00:09:29

The order of the audio equipment connection:
1. The connection sequence of the bass sound system equipment: mixer (group 1-2) → equalizer → frequency divider → compressor → bass amplifier → bass speaker.

2. The connection sequence of auxiliary audio system equipment: mixer (group 3-4)→equalizer→delayer (optional)→compressor→auxiliary speaker amplifier→auxiliary speaker.

3. The main audio equipment connection sequence: mixer (L-R main channel) → equalizer → exciter (optional) → feedback suppressor (optional) → compressor → main speaker amplifier → main speaker.

4. The equipment connection sequence of the monitoring audio system: mixer (AUX output) → equalizer → compressor → monitor speaker amplifier → monitor speaker.

The first connection method above can control the volume of the bass separately so that we can turn up the volume of the mixer 1-2 group when we are slow shaking or disco, and turn it small when the singer sings, which is very flexible. The second connection method can also control the sound of the auxiliary speaker well. The third type of main speaker connection method, of course, we are used to the output volume from the total output of the L-R of the mixer. The fourth monitoring system connection method, the standard should output the volume from the AUX. This can flexibly adjust the volume of the various channels of the mixer according to the requirements of the singer or band, but in a smaller audio system, the monitoring signal can be able to listen to the signal. Take directly from the main channel signal. The connection method of the first and second types above should be noted: Since the 1-2 group and the 3-4 group, we have already exported the subwoofer and auxiliary system from the corresponding output port from the back. Then the 1-2 group and 3-4 group should not be output through the total volume of the Mixer. That is, do not turn on the switch connected to the total volume of the Mixer in 1-2 group and 3-4 group.

Of course, we still need to flexibly arrange the order of the device connection according to the needs of the device. The above order is for reference only.

The main points of the audio equipment connection:
The above briefly introduces the connection order of the audio equipment. In the specific connection of the device, in the face of a variety of device sockets, many auditors do not know how to start. In fact, it is very simple, just remember the following points:

1. BALANCE: Now the sockets on the back panel of most audio devices are balanced ports. We just choose to connect the device with the balanced line of the XLR Caval connector or use the balance line of the TRS 6.35cm stereo connector to connect the device.

2. UNBALANCE: Although the sockets on the back panel of most audio devices are now the balance port, some devices still have non-balanced ports. For example, the output sockets of some electronic innovators are marked with: Balance Out and Unbalance Out, so we can also use the non-balanced line of the TS 6.35cm single-channel connector to connect the device. As long as the line should not too long and the interference is not too large, this connection is still possible.

3. Input and output: Some beginners are dizzy as soon as there are so many sockets behind the device. In fact, there is a trick: no matter what sound equipment, it can basically be divided into two parts: “INPUT” and “OUTPUT”, so we only need to recognize “In and Out”. As for other unfamiliar sockets, do not connect casually. In short, the connection device is like flowing water: the upstream water flows to the “Input ", and the water flowing to the downstream must pass the" Output "out.


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