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New Arrival! AES + FIR Class TD DSP Audio Amplifier!

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: 2024-02-22 11:14:51

1.48kHz sampling frequency DSP processor, 24-bit A/D and D/A conversion; 4 inputs and 4 outputs DSP module.

2.The input mode can choose analog input, AES digital signal input, and DANTE input. Different signals can be input at the same time. It is equipped with a switchable switch and can set the signal priority.
3. The output channel temperature is visually displayed on the display screen, and the temperature status of the power amplifier can be monitored at any time.
4. Power amplifier protection indicator light, the PRO indicator light is always on when the power amplifier is in protection state.
5. Quick copy function; copy the adjusted parameters to other channels.
6. Configure signal generator; white noise; pink noise; sine wave signal.
7. Output 4 channels are configured with FIR function; FIR frequency division filter: Taps range is optional between 256 and 512, can be attenuated and has optional time window type; FIR parameters are generated by the machine itself or import the generated FIR file from a third-party application.
8. Scan USB devices and network port devices with one click, and automatically connect after scanning the device; the network port can be debugged with multiple machines, and up to 250 devices can be online at the same time.
Audio Parameters
analog input
4 x XLR balanced
analog output
4 x XLR balanced
digital input
1 x AES/EBU; 0dBFs=+21dBu
THD+N distortion
≤0.005 @1kHz 20dBu
≤0.004 @1kHz 0dBu 
Signal-to-noise ratio (A-weighted)
Max Input Level
>20 dBu
Max Output Level
>14 dBu
Frequency Response
20Hz – 20kHz; -0.5dBu at 20Hz and 20kHz
DSP Processing      1 xADAU1452 DSP
Parametric EQ
Input with 7-segment parameter equalization
Output with 7-segment parameter equalization
automatic phase control FIR
Asymmetry, 512Taps, perfect compatibility with third-party application software
Equalizer type
All equalization filters can be set to LOW PASS Filter;High Pass Filter;PEQ;All Pass
Equalizer gain
Range: -15dB ~+15dB, step accuracy: 0.1dB
center frequency
Adjustable step accuracy of 1Hz within the 20Hz~20kHz frequency band range
Q value/broadband: 
Q value range: 0.3~15, with steps of 0.1
Input&Output Gain
Range: -12dB~+12dB, step accuracy: 0.1dB
High and low pass filtering of IIR frequency division part
Butterworth slope 12/24/48 dB optional
Bessel slope 12/24/48 dB optional
Linquez Riley slope 12/24/48 dB optional
High pass/low-pass/bandpass filtering of FIR frequency division part
Type: High pass/low-pass/bandpass filter optional
Taps Range: 256 ~512,
The minimum attenuation can reach -120dB
Time window type: Rect / Sinc / Keiser / Hanning / Hamming / Blackman / Nuttal / Sine optional
Noise generator
White/pink noise/sine wave generator, level range: -40dBu~0dBu
Output COMP voltage limiter
Selectable ratio range: 1.00:1~INF: 1; Inflection point: 0-100%
Mode type: hard pressing; Moderate; Soft compression
Supply range: -12dBu~+12dBu
Start control time: 0.1ms~500ms; Release time: 0.001ms~2000ms
Output peak voltage limit
Threshold range:20dBu~-10dBu
Start control time:0.1ms~900ms; Release time:0.04s~6s
ground noise
-90 dBu

This DSP continues the multi machine debugging of the previous 2U DSP, with a 4-inch screen touch control and software control function. And more features have been improved. Like the FIR function, the advantages of FIR filtering include arbitrary and precise control of the amplitude and phase characteristics of the filter, independent control of amplitude and phase, and the possibility of achieving maximum phase characteristics through absorption. Adopting AES interface, it is one of the standard interfaces for transmitting digital audio, which has the advantages of stability, reliability, and easy connection.Moreover, the new Dsp software has more complete and precise functions.

Optional wattage model
8 ohm Stereo Power(RMS)
700W X 4
1300W X 4
1450w X 4
2200w X 4
2500W X 4
4 ohm Stereo Power (RMS)
1300W X 4
2100w X 4
2800W X 4
4000W X 4
4650W X 4
8 ohm Bridged Power (RMS)
2500W X 2
4200W X 2
5600W X 2
8000W X 2
9500W X 2
4 ohm Bridged Power (RMS)
3000W X 2
5000W X 2
7000W X 2
9000W X 2
15000W X 2
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